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Order of St. Ignatius of Antioch
Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese

Governing Council Members

Executive Committee & Commitee Chairs

Roger David

North American Chair

Mary Winstanley O' Connor

North American Vice Chair

Edward Assile 

North American Treasurer/Projects

Dimitri Zeidan

North American Secretary/Order Ambassadors

Very Reverend Moussa Haddad

North American Chaplain


Zlata Ryan

Order Administrator

Mary Winstanley O' Connor

Clergy Benefits Chair

Carol Jazzar



Finances Chair

Judy Braun


Edward Assile

Life Membership Chair

Michael Srour

Marketing/Public Relations

Eric Zakaib

Marketing/Public Relations

Dan Abraham


Kathy Abraham


Salma Issac


Sub-deacon Richard Ajalat


 Diocesan Officers

Eastern Dioceses - Sam Chacra, Chair  
LA and the West - Kh. Julianna Youssef Co-Chair, Michael Srour, Co-Chair,                          Concetta Smarius, Vice Chair, Jeane Plastino-Wood, Vice Chair  
Miami and the Southeast - Kh. Terry Rogers, Chair, Zeina Bardawil Farah, Vice Chair  
Ottawa and Upstate NY - Dimitri Zeidan, Chair, Venise Kousaie, Vice Chair,                              Nabil Jabaji, Vice Chair, Carol Jazzar, Vice Chair  
Toledo and the Midwest - Roger David, Chair  
Wichita and Mid-America - Dr. Jeff Shadid, Chair, Jamie Isaac, Vice Chair,                                Albert Haddad, Vice Chair  


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Projects of The Order

Antiochian Village Library

Antiochian Village Museum

Teen SOYO Special Olympics

Antiochian Archdiocese Camp Scholarships

Department of Christian Education Fund

Youth Ministry Fund

Mission and Evangelism

Antiochian House of Studies

Antiochian Heritage Foundation

Internet Ministry

College Conference

Balamand Theological Academy

Project Mexico


SOYO Leadership Training

Youth Worker training

Toledo Chancery

Syrian Relief

Sacred Music Institute

Christ the Savior Academy (Wichita, KS)

Faithtree (Van Nuys, CA)

Camp Catanese


The Treehouse

Orthodox Christian Coaching

St. Athanasius Academy

St. Constantine School of Pittsburgh


Clergy Assistance for Annual Diocese Conferences/Clergy Symposium/Convention

Married Seminarians Assistance

Parish Development FundTaskforce for Jerusalem


Email: to apply for a Grant from The Order